Legislative Update

PHCC of Iowa takes an active role in advocating for the best interests of our industry at both State and Federal legislative levels. On the State level, our lobbyist works alongside staff and board members to tackle issues that are crucial for our industry. On the Federal level, our National Association and their lobbyist assist staff and board members in pursuit of higher levels of change and give us a voice in Washington. PHCC of Iowa advocates for the best on behalf of our members and the p-h-c trades overall.

Regulatory Update

House File 2627 established guidelines for considering and reviewing the criminal history of license applicants or prospective applicants, including a process by which any person may petition the board for a determination of whether their criminal history would disqualify them from receiving a license. The proposed amendments to Chapters 28, 29, 32, and 57 explain the “eligibility determination” process and incorporate other legislative guidelines for considering and reviewing criminal history in the course of deciding whether to issue a license or whether to impose discipline on an existing licensee.

House File 2627 also established alternative pathways to Iowa licensure for (1) military spouses; (2) newly established Iowa residents who possess a license or certification from another jurisdiction; and (3) newly established Iowa residents whose practice in the profession in another jurisdiction did not require a license. The proposed amendments to Chapters 28, 35, and 62 add structure and detail to those alternative pathways. 

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Weekly Legislative Summaries

February 19, 2021

February 19, 2020

Another week down.  Legislators had to have their bill requests in by last Friday so now we wait for bill drafters to get all the bills to legislators and get them filed.  The next week or two will see a flurry of bills introduced as legislators scramble to get bills through committee to avoid their bill being “funneled” during the first deadline early next month.

March Revenue Estimating Conference Set
From House Republican Newsletter:
“The Revenue Estimating Conference will meet for its annual spring meeting on Friday, March 19 at 11 am.  The three-member panel will review its current projections for Fiscal Year 2021 and 2022, and set an initial projection for state revenue in Fiscal Year 2023.
The impact of the meeting depends on any adjustments, up or down, to the FY 2022 forecast.  If the panel determines that the state will collect more revenue than they had predicted at their December meeting, then the Legislature is required to still use the December numbers.  However, if the March REC forecast for FY 22 is lower than December’s, then the Legislature is required to use the March figure.
Of particular interest at this meeting will be any changes to the forecast for gaming tax revenue collected.  The March meeting will be the first by the REC in which it has information on the impact of casino gaming coming to Nebraska.  The new competition is likely to reduce the tax collections used to fund the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund.
It is expected that the meeting will be available via the internet.”

Articles and News Stories:

PHCC-Specific Issues
SF 341/HF561- Perfection of Mechanics Liens has been amended in committee to make the effective date Jan 1, 2022 and there is a technical amendment on the floor so far.  We are in favor.

SSB 1149/SF424- Deals with apprentices completing program.  We are exempt and undecided.  Watching it closely.  Passed Committee.

HF 559/HSB202/SSB1173- 15B Funding - We are for.  Passed House Committee 

SSB1046- Review of state boards has still not passed committee.  We are undecided.

February 5, 2021
January 30, 2021
January 22, 2021

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