Legislative Update

PHCC of Iowa takes an active role in advocating for the best interests of our industry at both State and Federal legislative levels. On the State level, our lobbyist works alongside staff and board members to tackle issues that are crucial for our industry. On the Federal level, our National Association and their lobbyist assist staff and board members in pursuit of higher levels of change and give us a voice in Washington. PHCC of Iowa advocates for the best on behalf of our members and the p-h-c trades overall.

Regulatory Update

The Iowa Department of Public Health has published updates to the Iowa State Plumbing Code and Iowa State Mechanical Code.
Read the changes to plumbing code here
Read the changes to the mechanical code here


House File 2627 established guidelines for considering and reviewing the criminal history of license applicants or prospective applicants, including a process by which any person may petition the board for a determination of whether their criminal history would disqualify them from receiving a license. The proposed amendments to Chapters 28, 29, 32, and 57 explain the “eligibility determination” process and incorporate other legislative guidelines for considering and reviewing criminal history in the course of deciding whether to issue a license or whether to impose discipline on an existing licensee.

House File 2627 also established alternative pathways to Iowa licensure for (1) military spouses; (2) newly established Iowa residents who possess a license or certification from another jurisdiction; and (3) newly established Iowa residents whose practice in the profession in another jurisdiction did not require a license. The proposed amendments to Chapters 28, 35, and 62 add structure and detail to those alternative pathways. 

Read Full Changes here

Weekly Legislative Summaries

May 25, 2022 End-Of-Session
A little after midnight last night, the Iowa legislature adjourned “Sine Die” for the year, wrapping up the current two-year General Assembly and officially kicking off the political fundraising and election cycle for 2022.

Congratulations to the following groups on some big wins and accomplishments this year and during this General Assembly!

To Habitat For Humanity of Iowa on the creation of a $500K Housing Renewal Pilot Program that should demonstrate cost-effective ways to address the needs of homes in communities that are nearly impossible to profitably renovate or rebuild in the for-profit sector or by existing property owners. Habitat for Humanity also created a great group of coalition partners this year called the “Iowa Homeownership Coalition.”

The Iowa Restaurant Association (IRA) went into this session with two priorities, both of which passed in various forms: regulation of third party delivery companies to ensure contractual relationships with food establishments and basic safety regulations along with legislation that makes it possible for restaurants and bars to purchase limited amounts of beer/canned cocktails at retail.  A “multi-year” push on these issues mostly accomplished in one year!  Congrats!  We still have work to do on spirits distribution.
If you enjoy some interesting mushrooms you haven’t seen before in an Iowa restaurant, thank Rep. Sharon Steckman (D-Mason City), the Department of Inspections and Appeals, and the IRA for sitting down and finding a way for chefs have access to ingredients they need while ensuring consumer safety.

The Iowa Hotel and Lodging Association (IHLA) was created in January and had a successful first legislative session as an association, making sure a tax increase passed in one chamber last year on Iowans and out-of-state visitors staying in Iowa hotels didn’t pass. This tax would disproportionately place the burden for transit funding on Iowans staying at Iowa hotels. Also, a big congratulations for being one of the first associations, along with the Iowa Restaurant Association, to join the “Iowa Businesses Against Trafficking” (IBAT) in January as well as ensuring human trafficking training for employees can be accomplished without duplication of franchise-mandated trainings.

Although it didn’t get over the finish line, I’m proud of the work the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors of Iowa (PHCC) did to get their statewide inspections bill further than we have seen it go in the few years we’ve been working on it. It’s a tough environment for this kind of subject but it’s inevitably going to pass soon!

The Iowa EMS Association (IEMSA) didn’t ask for any bill drafts this year but supported a few bills that have been or will be signed into law including a fund increasing access to drugs that save lives after an opioid overdose. After last year’s monumental achievement in passing “essential service” legislation for Iowa’s EMS industry along with recent successes getting Iowa into the REPLICA interstate compact and getting Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT) funding through, few groups have had a more successful run over the last 4-5 years!

Also, Pheasants Forever, the Iowa Bowhunters Association, the Iowa Association of Christian Schools all defeated unfunded mandates and bad policy bills that would have cost jobs, created significant administrative and financial hardships, or set horrible legal precedents.

Iowa is better off now than it was two years ago due to these efforts!

Please see the list of resources and articles below. As we get into mid- to late-Summer, it’ll be time to plan for next year. 

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