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 Legislation That Passed This Session

Contractor Fees (SF 411)

This bill makes technical changes to the contractor fees so that the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board (IPMB) can now collect both the PMSB contractor licensing fee and the Iowa Division of Labor’s (Iowa Workforce Development) licensing registration fee when a contractor renews their IPMB contractor license. We supported this legislation and the Governor has signed it.

Minimum Wage Preemption (HF 295)

This bill ensures that most employment issues (wage, scheduling, etc.) are made at the state level and protects employers from a patchwork of dozens or hundreds of minimum wages and employment regulations that are in conflict with each other across the state. It ensures that members will have a level playing field if they have multiple offices and ensures competition down the road won’t have lower wage, benefits, scheduling, or other employment mandate differences. It also ensures that there is one table to negotiate at when these employment issues come up for debate. The bill was signed by the Governor and became effective just prior to April 1st.

Workers’ Compensation Changes (HF 518)

The bill makes substantial changes in Work Comp claims. Like most legislation, it will become effective on July 1, 2017. It should have a tangible impact on the bottom line for those employers that pay worker’s comp premiums.

Jeff Baker and Rebecca Duffy, attorneys at the Davis Brown law firm in Des Moines, recently presented a webinar on their top 10 list of Work Comp changes that were contained in this bill and adopted into law.

  • The link to their webinar is available at: http://tinyurl.com/kjdqx3u
  • A copy of the handout is available for download: www.phccia.org/images/WorkCompChanges.pdf

15B Apprenticeship Definition (HF 231)

This bill clarifies that for purposes of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, Apprentices are defined as those individuals that are a resident of the state of Iowa. Rep. We weighed in with the other contractor groups and the Governor signed it early in the session. There should no longer be any issues with the 15B formula going forward. We supported this bill and it was a priority to get passed quickly to address the ongoing court challenge.

-Eric Goranson


 Federal Legislation

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EPA Rules regarding Renovation, Repair and Painting

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Iowa State Legislation

Iowa Code Section 105 (Type in 105 and click submit)

Statewide Licensing [Senate File 224 - 2009 Session]

Iowa State Regulations

Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Examining Board

Chapter 25 - State Plumbing Code
Chapter 27 - Administrative and Regulatory Authority
Chapter 28 - Licensure Fee
Chapter 29 - Application, Licensure, and Examination
Chapter 30 - Continuing Education
Chapter 31 - Waivers and Variances from Administrative Rules
Chapter 32 - Licensee Discipline
Chapter 34 - Complaints and Investigations
Chapter 35 - Licensure of Nonresident Applicant - Reciprocity
Chapter 36 - Petitions for Rulemaking