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PHCCIA ApprenticeshipProgramApprenticeship is the new buzz word that everyone is hearing everywhere. From Presidential directives to statewide initiatives to the PHCC of Iowa at a local high school career fair, the good word of apprenticeship is being spread far and wide. But, what is apprenticeship? And how does it work?

PHCC of Iowa is dedicated to helping individuals discover the power of an apprenticeship in the plumbing-heating-cooling trades. Apprenticeship is a unique blend of classroom work and on-the-job training that help develop skills and knowledge in a particular trade or job. In many states, including Iowa, apprenticeship is the key to gaining a license to a lifelong career in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industries. Apprenticeship is a great way for individuals to gain a secondary education, outside of a traditional college format, that allows them to earn while they learn and set themselves up for a successful career. PHCC of Iowa is working to make sure that all students know about apprenticeship opportunities and how to pursue them.

PHCC of Iowa offers in person classes in both Des Moines, IA and Cedar Rapids, IA and a 100% Online Apprenticeship Program

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Spots for Online Program Only!

Registering for Apprenticeship

Registration for 2024 Summer Online Apprenticeship which begins June 13 is now open! If you have a student interested in joining the program please reach out to us at 515-282-8192!

Watch the videos below to learn more about apprenticeships and the need for skilled laborers!


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